The Steelhawk was created with quick, organized and easy-to-access data in mind. It can store years of HD video footage and minimize IT costs by consolidating and indexing all your data in one centralized location. With files readily accessible your company can retain its data and access it quickly.

Video Management Software

The Steelhawk is fully software agnostic, meaning you can run any type of Video Management Software and any operating system you chose. See below for commonly used Steelhawk applications.

Supported VMS Compatible OS Supported Protocol
Exact VisionLinux / WindowsISCSI / SMB / NFS / local
MilestoneWindowsISCSI / SMB / local
ValerusWindowsISCSI / local
GenetecWindowsISCSI / local
LenelWindowsISCSI / local

Recommended Storage Configurations to Best Protect your Data

Network/Camera Scenarios

* 1080p camera stream using H264 codec. Each camera stream assumed to be 2 Mbps.

More Technical Details for Maximum Camera Throughput

Maximum Camera Throughput

To give you a better understanding of the Steelhawk's capabilities, below are examples of how many cameras a Steelhawk can manage using maximum throughput in different resolutions.

Chassis SD HD 4k Capacity (TB)
15 Drive1358760241628156
30 Drive1358760241628312
45 Drive1358760241628468
60 Drive1358760241628624

Resolution Bandwidth/Camera (kb/s)
HDD Size (TB)12

Typical Surveillance Set-up